Dad’s New Favorite Breakfast – Hummus Avocado Toast

My daughter Abby showed me her new favorite thing for breakfast (at 12-ish) called “Avocado Toast”. I was like WHAT THE HECK?! But I just let it go. Then one day while away visiting my cousin Yvonne, I was scrounging around for something to eat for breakfast and she said, “Hey, why don’t you make yourself some toast and put …

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Photo of Anything Egg Scramble

The Anything Egg Scramble

I call this the “Anything Egg Scramble” because you can put just about whatever you want in it (or whatever you have). The only essential ingredient really is….eggs. So technically you can just have an egg scramble. But that’s not what makes this taste so outrageous and be potentially healthy and filling. The key is to bulk up your scrambled …

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